Laying tiles

Laying the tiles in Kiev - the price!

Laying ceramic stone - cost tiler services, Kiev tiler.

Departure for the city of Kiev 200 UAH. Provided further cooperation, this amount is calculated from the total budget.

Prices for laying tiles, glazed tiles, porcelain tiles - all prices.

Type of work


Volumeм /2м /l

Priceгрн /***

1 Laying tiles on the wall м /2 140
2 Laying tiles on the floor м /2 140
3 Laying tiles on the diagonal floor / wall м /2 + 20%
4 Laying porcelain tiles floor / wall м /2 from 160
5 Laying of paving slabs м /2 from 140
6 Styling with trimmed ends (rectified) tiles floor / wall м /2 180
7 Works with friezes and decors (rectangular element) м /l from 40
8 Laying the mosaic standard price without training wall м /2 250
9 Portrait mosaic tiles bat м /2 from 1600
10 Dialling mosaic м /2 from 1350
11 Seamless installation Particularly precise work м /2 240
12 Laying clinker tiles with joint filling м /2 200
13 Laying decorative stone with joint filling м /2 200
14 cutting corners 45о diamond м /l 120
15 Steps radius м /l 250
16 Trimming foot radius elements м /l from 80
17 Steps straight м /l 160
18 Installation Kapinos + 20%
19 Facing tile boxes м /l 140
20 Tiled slope м /l 140
21 Skirting tile laying м /l 60
22 Cutting skirting ceramics м /l 65
23 Cutting granite plinth м /l 85
24 Audit hatch (hidden) одна /1 from 500
25 Mounting flap revision, ventilation gratings одна /1 from 100
26 Grout tile joints (fugue) One color 15 UAH, 30 UAH Two colors. м /2 from 15
27 Grout tile joints (two-component epoxy) mix tile / mosaic м /2 80/120
28 Laying frieze (mosaic) м /l 140
29 Preparation of the base under the frieze of mosaic (adhesive plaster, putty) м /l 40-50
30 Cutting mosaic м /l 100
31 Inset in decor tiles шт 100
32 Laying tiles on the groove bath screen м /l 180
33 Working with granite, marble м /l from 350
34 Pricing by the hour type of payment 1 / час from 100
35 Sort tiles or selection of color + 20%
Contact phone: +38 068 3665030
Laying tiles Kiev

Schemes laying tiles

Laying tiles on the wall

Each master knows at least ten – twenty techniques – laying ceramic tile. It is considered – the more beautiful by itself ceramic tile, more beautiful and its styling. However, there are some secrets that can help you beautify the overall appearance is not an expensive ceramic tiles. For example, laying tiles in the bathroom and tiling in the kitchen may differ techniques and drawings – schemes where the tiles for bathroom and kitchen tiles can be quite the same. Where is the most common and used this figure in a row and diagonally. But if you learn how much happens schemes and graphics, then you certainly want to play around with it. Laying tiles on the diagonal or in extensibility, in many cases can beautify any interior, even the most inexpensive and budgetary tiles, such as tiles Atem. Another example, tiles in the bathroom on the floor and the floor tiles in the corridor may be the same, but at the expense of laying schemes, we can drastically change the appearance of the most tiles. Another example, tiles in the bathroom and tiles for the kitchen may differ only in size, but not the color, you should add in one of the rooms a few tiles of a different color, harmonizing with the main tone, and build two different schemes and the type of the one and the other surface will simply be unrecognizable. What’s in this case will be similar, so it is only tile adhesive.

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Tiles on the floor

Laying tiles on the floor requires a special in its composition and structure of the tile material. Usually it is more solid and thick floor tiles. How to put a tile on the floor? This is what we have already mentioned above the tiles on the kitchen floor and the corridor may be the same type and even color, but by stacking schemes can win a lot. Choose a tile on the floor having at hand a few schemes for imaging and a more detailed calculation at purchase. Tile flooring in the kitchen should be in harmony with the main color of the kitchen and the walls, that the sheer size of tile for the kitchen on the floor, can be arbitrary. As for the floor tile has a special thickness is usually 2-5 mm thickness of the wall tiles. Floor tiles in the cheap and expensive installation has differences or advantages, as for the master priority is not the cost of the material itself, but the method of choice and the scheme laying tiles on the floor price.

Clinker tiles

One of the most complex and not simple pilings – is laying ceramic tiles, yet it is called, – clinker brick. Exposure seam, smooth and long rows, seam filling accuracy, professional work with trimming – all this love clinker tiles price. If the tiles clinker, and the styling will be subtle. In the technology of laying ceramic tiles is not enough of his secrets. From adhesive composition that can replace a seam color before painting and varnishing clinker. And it must be said that the most simple styling – this clinker brick tiling, as in this case, dealing with a geometrically flat tiles, clinker but can have quite bizarre shapes, and they are more complex than those problematic fill joints after laying. So, if you decide to put ceramic tiles in Kiev, phoned before the wizard and verify all the details as well as the cost.